Three years ago, we were having a chat about how amazing it would be to create an online community for local artists to be able to showcase their talents and sell online. We felt that there was a niche in the market to be able to create just that.

Of course, being the busy bees that we are (we are both self employed) we ‘parked’ the idea for a time when we would not be so busy! As if that would ever happen!

Fast forward to the lockdown era of 2020! Now more than ever does this void need to be filled. There is so much talent in Gibraltar, but no proper portal to sell online. With the big question mark hanging over our heads of when markets will open to the public again, we have pushed forward with our idea and created a user-friendly online shop where artists can promote and sell their wares.

We do not just want to leave it there; our dream is to create an online community of creative people who can meet up regularly, possibly even collaborate… virtual coffee mornings, online workshops… and also create an opportunity for young people to join the community too! We would like to inspire young entrepreneurial minds to ignite their business acumen and make them see possibilities which otherwise would not have been shown to them.

I hope you will follow us on our journey.

With love,

Gerry and Louise