Terms & Conditions

Last Update: July 9th 2020

  1. Items to be sold will be handmade and of your own design or made by you, the seller.
  2. Items are available to purchase at the listed price.
  3. Items are to be photographed on a white background and are to be original photographs and not stock photographs.
  4. The monthly website fee is £5.00 to be paid in advance by subscription (ie. direct debit) on the first of each month. This fee is non-refundable. By paying this fee you are therefore adhering to our Terms and Conditions. This cost will be going towards advertising fees and website maintenance costs. Minimum initial sign-up of 6 months is required.
  5. Our commission fees are 10% of the item sale only (not P&P). A percentage of 2.5% towards the payment processing fee (PayPal or equivalent) is also liable. The remainder of this cost will be met by ourselves.
  6. To cancel your subscription, we require one calendar month’s notice.
  7. Photographs and descriptions are to be emailed to hello@gibraltarartists.gi
  8. Geraldine Martinez and Louise Ann Woollas reserve the right to accept or refuse any item.
  9. Local free delivery is to be arranged by the seller within 3 working days of sale.
  10. Items to be posted overseas must be dispatched ‘signed for delivery with tracking’ within 3 working days.
  11. Items submitted for sale are for local delivery. Items can be eligible for overseas posting once we have received the postage and packaging costs from the seller.
  12. If an item has been sold elsewhere, ie. not sold via this website, we must be notified immediately so that the item can be removed from our inventory.
  13. Accounts will be paid to the seller monthly in arrears or sooner.
  14. We welcome young entrepreneurs below the age of 18 with parental/guardian control.
  15. Terms and conditions may be subject to change.